How to make a support ticket ?

To make a support ticket go here http://csgofade.net/support/ and follow:

Ticket Title:
- Support for the game number: Your game number!

Ticket Content:
- Game Number: Your game number!
- What Happened ?: Explain what happened!
- Trade Link: Your trade link!
- Steam Profile: Your steam profile!

- We not work 24/7 so if you follow the model you should receive an answer from the support within 24, 48 or 72 hour(s) maximum!
- Do not attempt to modify the trade offer sent by the bot because will be declined and the item(s) / skin(s) in the offer cannot be recovered!

How the Bonus Item work ?

- Minimum Bonus Item Price: 0.15 $!
- Maximum Bonus Item Price: 5 $!
- The winner will receive the Bonus Item only if the winner win a lucky win game!

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